Critical Condition

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Critical Condition

Criticism is wreaking havoc in marriages, relationships and society. It is vital to understand the spirit of criticism, how it operates and the fruit it produces. In this book, Pastor James A. McMenis thoughtfully emphasizes just how dangerous a critical spirit can be when it spirals into anger and resentment.


God gave us His Word so that we would know the right way to deal with each other. He wants us to live in unity and joy with one another, not in denigration. Critical Condition addresses the many facets of criticism:


  • Recognizing critical thoughts and behavior
  • Checking your pride—the root to criticism
  • Avoiding jealousy
  • Evaluating the inferiority complex
  • Giving successful constructive criticism
  • Choosing to build bridges toward God for those on the wrong path instead of isolating them


If you have experienced criticism, or find yourself constantly criticizing others, it’s time to be made free! This is a book meant to help you learn how to recognize and deal with a critical spirit using the Word of God. By understanding both the cause and the cure of an overly critical mindset, you can avoid falling into the trap that is the critical condition.

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