About Us

Word of God Ministries 

Word of God Ministries is a Bible-based, multi-ethnic, Christ-centered ministry based in Shreveport, Louisiana. We believe that those who are born-again should live by hearing, meditating, confessing and acting on the Word of God.  This is the process of faith that brings victory into the lives of God’s people. (Isaiah 34:16, John 15:7, Mark 16:20)

Pastor James A. McMenis

Founder and Senior Pastor James McMenis has been preaching the Word of God since the age of 17. Word of God Ministries began as a weekly Bible study in 1994.  Since then it has become a national out-reach. Pastor McMenis and his wife Chrissy are dedicated to winning the lost to Jesus and making disciples of the saved (John 8:30-32). Through the anointing of wisdom, knowledge and understanding, Pastor McMenis seeks to expound on the Word of God, bringing clarity, and making it applicable to the hearer.  

Word of God Ministries | P.O. Box 17794 | Shreveport, Louisiana 71138 | wogm.com