Missing Momma

Word of God Ministries

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Missing Momma

Losing a loved one is never easy. The reality of death is something we will all face at some point. How we choose to look at the situation makes a difference. The Bible says that in difficult times we can find hope and comfort in the reality of an eternity in the presence of God. If you have ever dealt with the grief and pain of losing a loved one, or if you've ever wondered what happens after death, Missing Momma is for you. 

In this book Pastor McMenis walks through some of his personal memories surrounding the life and death of his mother. He uses these memories to bring encouragement and powerful insight into what it means to live with an eternal-mindset. You will find Biblical promises for hope and practical advise about how to deal with loss. Pastor McMenis uses Scripture to shed light on common questions about death, and what happens afterwards. Missing Momma deals with heart-break in a heart-warming and compassionate way. Here you will find hope for your hurt and comfort in the promises of God. 

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