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6 Part Sermon Series



Life was created from them.

Wars were started by them.

With them, good news is transferred.

As a seed, carrying hope.


They are untamable, yet comforting.

Poisonous as venom but as sweet as honey.

They are living, active and pregnant with purpose.

They can build kingdoms, but destroy villages.


They are memorable, unforgivable, and eternal

Deceitful and uplifting.

They've resurrected the dead, but have broken our spirit.

They release power, but contaminate the mind.

They drain our breath, mold our thoughts, and command our attention.

They can bind, restrict, depress and set free


They have calmed storms, sparked movements, and stirred our anger.

They are capable of love, compassion & justice.

They are intangible, but evoke great emotion

A powerful weapon, the tool for blessing and cursing.


They are no respecter of persons

They do not see color, race or religion

They are formed by the weak and the strong

No matter how you try to stop them, they will always break through


We have all planted them and eventually we will eat the fruit of them.

They are the reason we breath, blink, hear, smell, and see.

They've shaped who we are and what we've done.

And today they will shape who we will become.


It is all in what we will do.


The choice is up to you.



(By: Brianna Davis, Zac Rowe, and Jeremiah Woods)






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