The Elijah Triangle

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The Elijah Triangle

Elijah was a man anointed by God to call the people to repentance. In a time where leadership was passive, and the worship of false gods was common, God sent Elijah to draw the hearts of His people back to Him. 

Ahab was a passive king with no backbone. His wife Jezebel was evil and manipulative. By influencing her husband, she was able to impose her own wicked agenda on the nation. Her evil caused God's people to suffer greatly. They stopped worshipping the true God because they were afraid and intimidated by Jezebel. 

The spirit of Ahab is a passive, apathetic one. It is someone who will does not care to know truth, or stand up for it. The spirit of Jezebel uses lustful and enticing manipulation to get what it wants. A Jezebel spirit cannot operate without an Ahab spirit. 

Christian's are under attack for their faith today more than ever. Is it possible we have let fear keep us from living out our faith publicly? This series begs the questions, "Who have we allowed to silence us? Are we allowing fear and intimidation to keep us from living out our faith in a generation that so desperately needs Jesus?"


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