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ENTRAPPED: Breaking Out of the Fence Called Offense

This is a 7 part series with one free message included. 

The word "offense" is originally translated "trap." The enemy uses this strategy hoping to keep believer's in bondage. Offense gives root to bitterness. When someone offends us we have a choice to make. We can choose to stay offended, or to forgive them. When we choose to hold on to our offense we are actually deceiving ourselves and falling into a trap.This series takes a deep biblical look at how offense can negatively affect the lives of believer's. It also teaches how to recognize and break free from the trap of offense. 

Offense can be viewed in a different light. At times when we will offend others simply by living out our faith. As Christians we are often hindered from sharing our faith because we are afraid we might offend someone. "People bondage" is plaguing the church. "Living Your Faith Without Apology" is a free included message that teaches how to differentiate between being offended, and how to live for Christ in a world that has taken large measures to remove Him from society.  This is a teaching that is sure to bring freedom and breakthrough!  



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