The Mystery of the Kingdom - Volume 2: Purpose by Design

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The Mystery of the Kingdom - Volume 2: Purpose by Design

9 Part Series

Through this dynamic teaching in Volume II of “The Mystery of the Kingdom” series, Pastor McMenis uses Scriptural evidence to show that everything man needs to fulfill his purpose on the earth comes from God. This teaching will unveil the biblical truths to:

    • How man receives the Mystery of the Kingdom of God
    • The literal meaning of the word ‘school’ and how it applies to the local church
    • What the Bible means when we’re instructed to “have an ear to hear”
    • Setting your affection on God’s Word
    • How the Holy Spirit helps believers to represent the Kingdom of God

The purpose of this study in “The Mystery of the Kingdom” series is to empower believers to fulfill the purpose for which God originally created man – that is to represent the Kingdom of Heaven here in the earth. Believers have to witness and engage with the world to show them that the Kingdom has something to offer that will change their lives. God has empowered believers with His Holy Spirit to help fulfill your purpose. Stop making the Holy Spirit an event and get this study to equip your mind to operate with a kingdom mentality. Get your copy today and begin cultivating the kingdom of heaven here on earth! 

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