Taking Back Our Future

Word of God Ministries

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Taking Back Our Future

1 Part Sermon

Believers today are facing a new level of opposition from a world that is living in iniquity. God has called us to be His voice in the midst of a culture that opposes Him. The direction our society will take in the future is directly related to the way the children of this generation are being raised. 

"Taking Back Our Future" takes a deeper look into exactly how the enemy gets into the minds of our kids. Our nation is going the wrong way. Satan knows that today's children will become tomorrow's senators, teachers, and lawmakers. He seeks to influence the so that by the time they are old enough to become our judges and representatives, they will not know right from wrong. Parents have a responsibility to educate their children in the ways of God. The people we shape today will be the people in power tomorrow. 

How do we change the future? We change it by training up children that will go out and become leaders of integrity; leaders that wont be ashamed to live and make decisions based on the Word of God. 

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