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Kingdom Living: Marriage

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Kingdom Living: Marriage
God created marriage to be good. This doesn't mean that we will never face difficulties with our spouse. Marital strife is rooted in unmet expectations. When expectations go unmet, it causes offense. This isn't God's will and discord in the home grieves Him. Sometimes the expectations we place on or spouse are fair and sometimes they aren't. So what does a wife have the right to expect from her husband, and what what does the husband have a right to expect from his wife? The Bible has a lot to say about the needs of a husband and the needs of a wife. It lays out certain things that husbands and wives have a right to expect from each other in marriage. God has called us to represent Christ and His church in our marriage. To do this we must be willing to honor what He asks of us. A Biblical understanding of the roles and needs in marriage is critical to its success. In this 6 part sermon series you will learn about managing marital expectations. Find out what a Kingdom Husband and what a Kingdom Wife should look like today. You will also learn about the four basic needs of a wife and the four basic needs of a husband.  You will learn how to honor the needs of your spouse. This will greatly increase the fruit of your marriage and allow you to enjoy it for all that it was meant to be. As we honor God in our marriage, we will see His blessing in our lives.

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